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Interlaken Tourism, Switzerland Switzerland is known as the Paradise of Europe. A tourist planning for a Switzerland Tour is always inquisitive about the tourist places in Switzerland during that Switzerland Tour. Fortunately in the whole of Western Europe, which is thronged by the travelers during the vacations, Switzerland has the best of tourist destinations for Switzerland vacation. For the convenience of tourism and its development, the entire country is divided into various regions. Here under we are providing you the information about the Western Switzerland, valuable for you during your Switzerland Tour and Switzerland vacation.

Jura, Neuchâtel & Fribourg:

The lakes of Biel, Murten and Neuchâtel flow along the foot of the Jura. The Franches Montagnes in the Neuchâtel region and the foothills of the Alps of Fribourg on the other side of the lakes are excellent for hiking, camping and fishing. The waterfalls of the Doubs and the gorges of the Areuse are very impressive. The other tourist places are the Lac Talliers, the medieval town of Romont, south of Morat and the Folk Art Museum at Tafers. Fribourg, an amalgamation of Roman and German cultures, is one of the historic cities in Switzerland. In the south of the Fribourg is the Gruyère region, in the foothills of the Alps; famous for its dairy farming which produces one of the best Swiss cheeses: Gruyère. Do not miss the Horological Museum at La-Chaux-de-Fonds. The area is also famous for its food and wines.

Geneva and Lake Geneva:

Geneva is a world city, a city characterised by its cosmopolitan population. People come here for many reasons, from humanitarian commitments, attending trade fairs and festivals to diplomatic and cultural activities. Geneva can be considered as the world's smallest metropolis and the headquarters of some of the most prestigious organizations in the world such as The Red Cross and European HQ of the United Nations. The city is home to some fine representations of Romanesque architecture. The Cathedral St Pierre Genève is a fine example. There is also an original flower clock in the Jardin Anglais. The town is situated in the laps of nature. A stroll within the city limits, along the shores of the lake with its famous water jet or up into the Old Town are sure to stay in your memories for a long time. Geneva also has a very vibrant and multi-cultural night life. Geneva also maintains state-of-the-art sanatoria such as the 100-year-old Clinique Générale Beaulieu. Mont Salève, located to the south of the city is a popular mountaineering destination and is home to an excellent school for mountaineering. Skiing and Skating are popular activities during the winters. Vineyards villages situated on the slopes of Monts du Lavaux such as Riez and Epesse produce excellent wines; Situated in the canton of Vaud, the Château d'Oex is the gateway to the the 'upper land' known as Pays d'Enhaut.


Lausanne is located on the northern shores of Lake Geneva. The pace of life here in this city is slow. A funicular connects Ouchy to the inner city of Lausanne. The canton Vaud, famous for its excellent wine is dominated by many many rivulets and rolling hills. The small town of Romainmotier in Lausanne is home to one of the most important historic buildings of Switzerland: the Benedictine monastery Church of St Pierre built in the 11th century. Les Diablerets is a terrific place to enjoy some panoramic views of Mont Blanc and the icy peaks and green valleys of the Alps. Summer skiing on the glacier here is also a very popular activity. Rafting or hydrospeeding down the Sarine from Château d'Oex is the area's pioneering sport. During the summers, rock festivals in Leysin are very popular. Another event that should not be missed is the renowned International Jazz Festival at Montreux. At Villars, enjoy the soothing climate and a great game of golf at the 18-hole golf course. Wood sculpture, cheese-making and paper cut-out artistry are some traditional activities of the region.

Tourist Places in Switzerland


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